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It’s delivered in such a unique and profound manner, which I certainly wasn’t prepared for, and is made all the more powerful when delivered by a man who is subjected to hero worship and held up to be an infallible icon – which is utterly at the core of what Van Damme is so torn up about during his speech.It’s a sublime moment in a great film, and thoroughly worth a watch if you’ve been undecided up to this point.An experience improved by not knowing anything about the film’s content, so I won’t go into detail (and you should probably stop reading now if you still haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it), but I can’t not mention the monologue, simply titled ‘assessment of my life’ on the DVD chapter menu.It’s a moment of post-modern beauty, and is so utterly compelling and heart breaking, with its absolute honesty, that I found myself shaken to tears.

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I spent endless hours drawing images from it on my French exercise books, while defacing text books by adding, Attila, the main villain's features to anyone suitable (sideburns, sunglasses, a ponytail and a speech bubble which simply said “You!Yes, it’s as insane as it sounds, but a great little movie under the helm of to be more precise) only with more bloody violence and broken glass.A young, rookie fighter is trained by a wise old master, by some rather unconventional methods, in order to get some payback - though to be fair Mr Miyagi wasn’t an advocate of brutal revenge.Last year, while waiting on a rain-soaked red carpet for and contributed the following: "As a young kid getting into action flicks, JCVD always seemed to be a higher-intensity figure than the hyper-muscular, superhuman Stallone or Arnie.

There was something that felt a little grittier about a martial arts kick to the head, like something the bigger kids should be watching.

Back in the golden era of action cinema, otherwise known as the 80s, muscular heroes dominated the big screen and absolutely flooded the burgeoning straight-to-video market.