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historical dialectology, which made it possible for the first time to discover the exact Ir. However, in this case the Iranian evidence may be provided by Khotanese since, as R. 534ff.) because an argument often advanced is that since the model assumed is not attested in Iranian, the derivation from Iranian is based upon an argument ad silentio. interrelations, and is, as always in such cases, exemplified clearly by double borrowings like In general the Arm. It has been suggested that the first borrowing may have been that very form still shows the effect of the Arm. No attempt is made here to present a complete or even a comprehensive catalogue of the Iranian elements in Armenian. This fact often makes it easy to date the borrowings, especially if it is possible to obtain additional evidence from typical features of the historical phonology such as the characteristic Arm. In various studies (especially 1971), Nalbandyan has tried to distinguish between OIr. names, those from the Zoroastrian pantheon, and Scythian names), Mid.

Nevertheless, there are cases where the rules of historical phonology allow not even the slightest doubt, as e.g. forms of the loanwords indicate that they were borrowed after the OIr. Note also that any such classification is to some extent arbitrary. elements in the common vocabulary, numerous as they are, seem nevertheless to be outnumbered by those pertaining to religion. Boccali, “Influenze della religione iranica sulla cultura armena,” -).

period, although this does not mean that it is possible to date each borrowing precisely. vocabulary, even though they are attested by only a few words, seem to belong to the time before Macedonian and Seleucid rule over Iran, i. chiefly to Achaemenid times, when Armenia was under Iranian domination but not yet thoroughly Iranianized (see Meillet, 1911/12, pp. The order followed is that of the Armenian alphabet. These borrowings from the Iranian religious vocabulary did not occur as a result of the close Irano-Armenian symbiosis during the Arsacid period.

The terminology involved is not connected with any particular religious ideas such as those of Zoroastrianism but reflects the religious notions current among the people at large as is revealed by the fact that in the Bible translation even the disciples of Christ and the angels were designated by two terms of Iranian provenance: ), and even numerals, adverbs, and other indeclinables, may be carried out in different ways.

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D., and from then governed only by Sasanian margraves. Iranian Loanwords in Armenian The Iranian loanwords in early Armenian are either fully integrated into the language or, at times, cited as foreign words. The words can be traced from Achaemenian times through Parthian and Sasanian to the intrusion of the Muslim technical terms into Iran. , HEINRICH FRANZ JOSEF, scholar of Iranian, Indo-European, Korean, and general linguistics (b. He often said that it was his training in shorthand writing that first led him to try to read texts in Oriental scripts.

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