Connor cruise dating

27-Jul-2017 23:56

His fourth film of the year was All the Right Moves.

After featuring in Ridley Scott's fantasy picture, Legend, Cruise was cast by Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson to appear in Top Gun.

Brad Pitt and Christian Slater also starred in the film, but Anne Rice was overtly critical of the decision to cast Cruise in the film.

Two years later, Cruise produced and starred in Mission: Impossible, a remake of the 1960s TV series.

The film was the third best-selling movie of the year, grossing over 6 million.

He then earned another Academy Award for his role in Jerry Maguire, which featured his infamous line "Show Me the Money!

Whilst he was recovering from a wrestling injury, Cruise decided to audition for the lead in a school production of Guys and Dolls.

Also in 1983, Cruise appeared in Losin' It, with Shelly Long and Risky Business, which is widely credited as the film that brought Cruise to the public eye.

He also had the lead role in 'Valkyrie' alongside Kenneth Branagh and Bill Nighy that same year.