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That his single mom’s overwhelming need to be physically attractive to men (which led to her death) is connected to Kanye’s own desire for women to be perfect sex robots who he can mentally control. Whenever Kanye hears “Roll Up,” I bet he imagines Amber and Wiz having sex in a hot-air balloon while he stands on the ground cursing them and being tiny. He doesn’t have Kanye’s anger, and therefore he doesn’t have Kanye’s edge.“I could be your best friend, and you could be my homie.” Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and best friends! But that is also why he is probably a much better boyfriend than Kanye.There’s also Lil Wayne’s “Dear Anne,” in which he tells a long-distance girlfriend he’s trying to stay faithful to her and failing.Wayne is masterful at this kind of song, gets so vulnerable on “Marvin’s Room,” another “I’m too drunk not to call you right now and tell you how I feel” song, that he needs to use Auto-Tune as a crutch.He is realizing that the women he’s mistreated are people just like his mom, who he loved more than anything.That he identified more with his mom than the men she dated, and how that’s all changed.Rather than getting stuck in any one static Kanye persona, he’s allowing the “Kanye West” persona to continually evolve.He wants to know what the hell is happening with him psychologically, and so do we!

A woman whose only talent is being beautiful bores him because he wants a woman he can talk to and feel comfortable with, the way he felt around his mother.

Can you imagine how quiet it got when Kanye played this joint for everybody?

Do you think Kanye ever made the extremely morbid connection between his verse on “Throw Some D’s” (in which he offers to upgrade his theoretical girlfriend’s breast implants) and the fact that his mom died from complications following cosmetic surgery?

Rose, a former stripper-turned-glamour model, posted some NSFW tweets against Yeezy and said on a podcast, "Listen, don't talk about my kid."Kanye, who has since deleted the nasty tweets that were part of his tirade, posted on Twitter late Friday, "God's dream...

Never speak on kids"The rapper shares two children with wife Kim Kardashian—daughter North West, 2, and son Saint West, who is one month old. She later began dating Wiz and the two welcomed their son and got married in 2013. Also this week, Rose appeared on another podcast, saying Wiz was the love of her life."When you really find love, you just know," she said.

In the various boyfriends who mistreated his mother, men who lied to her when she was obviously smart enough to know when they were lying.