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The novel's origins in short fiction are still visible though no segment or chapter is wholly independent of the others.Second Prize attacks a man who had been laughing at the scene earlier, demanding, "It's a big joke tae you, eh?

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Aw ah wanted tae dae wis tae keep her thair, tae talk." Speedy Recruitment - Varied narration (third person while together in the pub, first person for each interview.) Spud and Renton both have a job interview for the same job, but neither of them wants the job as they would prefer to be unemployed and to continue to receive social security.

The Skag Boys are uncomfortable and unsure of how to respond to the tragedy as Lesley cries hysterically.

However, Simon/Sick Boy becomes notably more emotional and distressed than the others and eventually breaks down and cries as well, stating he is kicking heroin for good and clearly implying Dawn was his daughter.

" While the couple slips out unnoticed, Tommy and Second Prize find themselves taking the blame for the whole affair from the pub locals.

For example, Spud will refer to people internally as "cats" (Begbie is a jungle cat, while he himself is a house cat), and Sick Boy will occasionally entertain an inner-dialogue between himself and Sean Connery.He feels guilty about letting her down, but continues to use drugs anyway.