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Secondly, a facility like this would definitely need consent of the patient to be recorded.Since nursing home patients undress, use the bathroom and bathe in their rooms, many patients do not want to be recorded.) Pamela Peake (think she had sister) Delphine Bonniface (If so, same as above) Margaret Perrin Jennifer Dodds (Queenborough) Patricia Roberts Edith Dodds (as above) Elsa Scarf Michael, Peter and Celia Field Clare Snow Sylvia Goodwin (Halfway) Wendy Taylor Angela Hale (Scocles Road) Hazel Vallings (Minster Road) Susan Ives (Minster Road) Sylvia Vallings (As above) Madeleine Hannon (Broadway) Linda Wood (Minster Road) Penny Hunter (Minster Road) Jennifer Wood (As above) Antoinette Johnson Sonia (forgotten surname)She came from Juliet Manson Eastchurch (her father worked at prison) William and Charlotte Morley-Scott Just remembered Joan Stacey who lived in the house by The Harps Inn.I remember you, Joan and Isla were friends, but, if you can remember other names, that would be interesting.please see trains or or email me for more information. Hi Trevor I was at Airedale school from a very young age till I was 9years old then moved away my name is Paul Thompson I lived at 49 parsonage chase it would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me hi I think the pictures are great location went to airdale private school all those years ago and have found a picture that was taken in the Orchard when all the blossom was on the trees we used to wears straw boater and grey and white stripped dresses with a white bow in the summer and burgundy blazers and black hats with a ribbon round in the winter oh those days were great Lesley you used to live in Jefferson Road till 1963, perhaps you might remember my great-uncle and aunt, Frederick and Kate Davis.There are also many more instances of neglect that are never discovered by a patient s loved ones. Many people are proponents of hidden cameras in nursing homes, but are they legal?The answer varies greatly by state, but placing cameras in a nursing home, in general, does raise several legal issues. Loved ones of nursing home patients cannot place secret cameras in a room without permission or consent.

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They would be part of the display for The WW1 Ambulance Train event on the 20th November.

A nanny cam is a small, hidden spy camera that many parents install in their own homes to monitor the hired nanny while they are away at work.