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124 (under AASR constitution) when his brother King Kamehameha IV was initiated. Elisha Kent Kane (1820-1857) Physician and early Arctic explorer. Kane's medical skill did much to fight scurvy and bring back the party alive. In 1855 Kane was forced to abandon the Advance, which was still frozen in, and finally got out in his small boats, with the aid of the Etah Esquimaux, who had been very friendly. He joined the Prussian army in 1786, and remained until Jena in 1806. Karl Ludwig Friedrich (17411816) Duke of Mecklemburg-Strelitz, 1794-1815. He is also a director of the Montague Machine Co., Kay Mfg. 14, 1857 he was present with many other dignitaries in Lodge Le Progress de l'Oceanie No. The expedition was to search for the English explorer, Franklin, and was financed by Henry Grinnell and commanded by Lt. The expedition accomplished very little, having been caught in the ice pack in Wellington's channel; the ships drifted from Sept., 1850 to June, 1851 before they escaped into Baffin Bay. Late in 1854, half the party under a Dane named Peterson, abandoned Kane and the ship in an attempt to reach Upernavic, but after three months of extreme hardship, were forced to return to Kane, who received them kindly. His court was the center of German literary leaders including Goethe, Schiller, Herder, Wieland and others. Has been with International Paper since 1922; manager in charge of manufacturing since 1937, vice president since 1951, and director from 1956. Kays President of Arkansas State College, Jonesboro, Ark., from 1910. With Montgomery Ward since 1943 as assistant comptroller, treasurer, and vice president since 1955. King Kamehameha IV (1834-1863) King of Hawaii, 1854-63. Kamehameha took immediate interest in Masonic activities. Lot Kamehameha, from that time on, never affiliated with a lodge. In 1806 he was appointed English provincial grand master in the province of Hanover, and he there formed one of the rare Royal Arch chapters that existed in Germany. Was auditor and office manager of National Biscuit Co., 1933-41, and assistant general manager TWA Airlines, 194143. 8 of that year, at which time he passed his examination in open lodge in full on the two degrees he had taken, to the surprise and admiration of the brethren present. The candidate, divested of all regal honors, standing before a large assembly of brethren, many of them decorated with rich jewels, and all in Masonic clothing, gave the lodge a striking appearance and left an impression on our minds not soon to be effaced. At five minutes after midnight, they toasted the king's 22nd birthday. During his reign the Molokai Leper Settlement was established (1864). This no doubt rankled the royal personage, because, March 2, 1857, a dimit was received from him by Hawaiian Lodge, and on motion, was accepted. Various scientific societies backed the undertaking, and Kane, himself, spent much of his private means. In 1780, after the decline of the strict observance, he entered regular Freemasonry anew and was elected patron of the United Grand Lodges of Brunswick in the duchy of Mecklemburg. Museum with Man of Power; many works in private collections including 25 in Dr.

King Kamehameha V (1830-1872) King of Hawaii, 1863-72, and first Hawaiian to be made a Freemason. He was the last of a direct line of Sandwich Island kings. Unfortunately for Freemasonry, this evening marked the Masonic turning point for the future king. His reputation as an Arctic explorer, however, rests on the second Grinnell expedition, which he commanded. On April 13, 1853 (a little over a month previous to the sailing of his second expedition) Kane received all three degrees in Franklin Lodge No. A memorial tablet, erected by the grand lodges of New York and New Jersey at the house where he died, was dedicated in Feb., 1922. Kappel President of American Telephone and Telegraph Co. He joined the coalition against the French in 1813-15, and was influential at the Congress of Vienna in 1815. Entered the English army and became a lieutenant general and governor of Hanover. Co., Ltd., Arizona Chemical Co., and Androscoggin Reservoir Co. He ran into trouble with Albert Pike when he visited Europe in 1881.