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That said; at sometime I developed sexual feelings for her lingerie and footwear.I can't remember when I first started dressing in mom's nylons and heels but I know I knew I shouldn't be doing it and soon realised I would get caught if I kept dressing in her clothes.Mom and I have lived alone in a comfortable three bedroom house with a two car garage and a small in-ground pool since my dad died when I was only three years old.I don't remember him and don't care about him to be honest.

My aunts and mom's friends sometimes mock her about the way she dresses saying it is 'old-fashioned' and 'too much' but mom ignores them god bless her.Comments and criticism are always welcome and appreciated. * As long as I can remember I have had a penchant for wearing nylons and lingerie: pantyhose; stockings; silk, satin or nylon panties (not those horrible cotton things or G-strings that are like candyfloss in your arse crack -- I mean, full cut panties, cami-knickers, or boy leg panties); garter-belts; slips -- both half and full; basques and corsets............. I also have a fetish for high heel shoes: sandals, pumps, courts, stiletto heels, kitten heels, stacked heels, Cuban heels, platforms, open-toe, "Pilipino bar girl fuck-me shoes"; you name the high heels -- I love them!Now this might not seem unusual if I was a sophisticated woman (or Pilipino bar girl) but I am a male; a young adult male who lives at home with his mom.To appease my demands for privacy, my mom understands I am studying for a degree part time that will hopefully lead me to a better job.

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So she is used to me demanding solitude and staying up late in my room.Now back to my fetish; I have read about it extensively on the internet and I have a good understanding of my proclivity for women's underwear, hosiery and shoes.