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21-Sep-2017 10:44

"Backdrops," one of Android's best apps for high-definition wallpapers. Watch Online: He is also known for tv series Overhaulin. Here's a selection of nine useful apps that can help you make the most of your Android device.

Springpad is cool application which allows you to save items to your virtual notebook.

The app is also location-aware and can sync with so it can remind you to buy anything when you are in a specific shopping mall. Using this application makes Google docs accessible and editable on the go.

Astrid gives friendly reminders to help you stay focused and productive.

Ever Note allows you to make important notes while in meetings and other work places.

The application syncs with the calendar and allows you to view all the monthly or weekly calendar and to-do list in a 3 page widget. In the heap of demanding attentions and numerous gadgets it has become all the more difficult to be productive.