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As an example, I am going to briefly describe how Finland built a strong educational system, nearly from the ground up.Finland was not succeeding educationally in the 1970s, when the United States was the unquestioned education leader in the world.Two-thirds of these graduates enroll in universities or professionally oriented polytechnic schools.More than 50 percent of the Finnish adult population participates in adult education programs.Sahlberg notes that Finland has taken a very different path.

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Because of these trends, many people have turned to Finland for clues to educational transformation.

Meanwhile, the United States has been imposing more external testing—often exacerbating differential access to curriculum—while creating more inequitable conditions in local schools.

Resources for children and schools, in the form of both overall funding and the presence of trained, experienced teachers, have become more disparate in many states, thus undermining the capacity of schools to meet the outcomes that are ostensibly sought.

This new system is implemented through equitable funding and extensive preparation for all teachers.

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The logic of the system is that investments in the capacity of local teachers and schools to meet the needs of all students, coupled with thoughtful guidance about goals, can unleash the benefits of local creativity in the cause of common, equitable outcomes.

This is true despite the fact that immigration from nations with lower levels of education has increased sharply in recent years, and there is more linguistic and cultural diversity for schools to contend with.

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