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Alexandria, VA and Bonita Springs, FL: I was looking for information on this incident for a memoir I am writing for my children and found your website on an Internet search.

I was a second lieutenant in the 3rd Infantry Division in Bamberg, Germany at the time of the terrible incident.

Because of the position they were in, at right angles to each other, the treads missed Landrio, the two tracks passed on each side of him, however one track ran over Maj.

He and Landrio were transported by ambulance to the hospital in Nurnberg where Maj was DOA.

Maj and Landrio the driver of A-11, APC walked out into the field and placed their air mattress and sleeping bag on the ground, crawled in and went to sleep.

Their sleeping bags were not side by side but head to head at 90 degrees to each other.

I remember the news of it spreading like wildfire and the ensuing fallout.

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So we wanted to honor these veterans for their ultimate sacrifice for our country.In 1965/66 I was serving in the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborn) in Vietnam on Detachment C-3.