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I wasn’t ready for a twin-soul relationship.’More recently, Stamp was married to Elizabeth O’Rourke, whom he met in an Australian pharmacy.The couple wed when she was 29 and he was 64, but divorced after six years.That was when he had dark hair and brooding eyes and Oscar judges, film directors and beautiful women were falling at his feet – and before Jean Shrimpton broke his heart by leaving him.Stamp dropped out of fame for a while after that, fleeing to the ashrams of India at the end of the Sixties for a spiritual awakening, as described in his fascinating new book, The Ocean Fell Into The Drop. ‘I wrote it after being challenged by my publisher, who said: “Do you still feel the need to be an enigma?Stamp was single and enjoying a glorious second half to his career, after coming back from obscurity to appear in the first two Superman films.His grace and inner stillness worked well for evil General Zod.But the legendary actor, who romanced Brigitte Bardot, Julie Christie and the supermodel Jean Shrimpton (and recently had a wife less than half his age) has to admit he is slowing down as a lover.‘The fact is I am past my best. So it’s a kind of relief really.’Slim and graceful, with a laurel wreath of white hair, Stamp is wearing a bottle-green linen suit made for him in Rome in 1968, at the height of his fame.I’ve still got wonderful relationships with women but I’m not looking to get s***ged four times a week,’ says Stamp with that gruff, East End-turned-posh drawl of his. He was nominated for an Oscar for his first film, Billy Budd, and starred in classics including Poor Cow and Far From The Madding Crowd.

‘I met her at some function,’ he says dismissively, but actually it was the 1987 premiere of Wall Street, in which he plays the British tycoon Sir Larry Wildman – a character he based on the real-life millionaire Sir James Goldsmith, who at one time was rumoured to be Diana’s true father.In an exclusive interview with today’s Event magazine, the star of Superman and Wall Street says: ‘The fact is I am past my best.