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Because when it comes to evolution, not just any mate will do. I'm ready to go all out -- bring you flowers, sing you love songs. And I can really strut my stuff on the dance floor. Is your lovebird behind Curtain Number One, Number Two, or Number Three? Well, audience, Carol has chosen Bachelor Number One. Meet the bachelors: Carol, you'll be disappointed to hear that you do have a lot in common with Bachelor Number Two.What we're all looking for is the fittest possible mate, with the best genes, who'll help us have healthy offspring to carry on our genetic line. Then when you're ready, we'll stroll down the avenue to my inner sanctum. Like you, Archie is a satin bowerbird eager to increase his brood, but he didn't have the traits to win you over. While we can’t make decisions for you, we can guide you to make the right decision on choosing a dating site and having success on that site.

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We use a proprietary method to test, evaluate and rank websites based on the criteria important to online daters.So, it's a good thing he's patient -- he needs to constantly refurbish his bower over the nine-month mating season to have any hope of luring a gal like you.