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He, in floating spirit form, is greeted by the cheerful "Grim Wreaper," Botan.She takes him to see the great lord Koenma, who looks like a toddler, but is actually over 600 years old.

"Now that the Spirit World crisis is over, I have to deal with the earthly ones.""What do you mean, Urameshi? Yusuke set the mirror of illusion on Koenma's desk and then turned back to the others."Girl troubles," he revealed."I had plans with Keiko today, but because pacifier-breath couldn't keep track of his toys, I had to cancel," Yusuke revealed.

"Don't get me wrong, I'd take demons over chick flicks any day, but this is like the third time I bailed on her, so I know I won't hear the end of it."Kuwabara grimaced."That's rough.""You'd think by now she'd understand, but no, saving the world isn't a good enough excuse anymore," Yusuke said with a heavy sigh.